We manufacture products and provide services which ranges from:

  • Home Interiors - Shower screens/enclosures, folding frameless glass doors, glass backings, mirror

  • Commercial Use - Auto glass sliding doors, floor spring doors for shop lots, glass railings and many more

- Our Promise -

  • We aim to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services from customized solutions to installation, after-sales service & maintenance. 

  • We only source the best quality materials which are both safe and durable from approved and trusted companies in the region. 

  • Safety is our top priority, to ensure all risks and hazards are minimized to the lowest possible. 

  • We are constantly testing and finding ways to improve our products to maintain both aesthetics and quality.

  • We strive to deliver and install our products within the 5-days manufacturing process especially for tempered glass products.

    • Due to the fragile nature of glass, mishaps such as the bending or breaking of glass is common during the tempering process. If these mishaps do occur, it may take longer than 5-days.

  • With over 10 years of experience in the glass industry, we have set the standards up high to meet the industries expectations for home renovation & commercial uses.




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